Database – Crow’s Foot Notation (the one-to-many Symbol)

Crow’s Foot Notation is used in ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram), which is widely used in database table designing. It is used to denote the following relationships between entities.

One-to-One Relationships
One-to-Many Relationships
Many-to-Many Relationships

database er diagram crows foot symbol_001.jpg

You can use Microsoft Visio 2003,2007, 2010, 2012, 2013 to draw ER diagram with Crow’s Foot Notation

How to Use Crow’s Foot Notation in Visio

By default, Visio will use a solid line with an arrow head to indicate relationships between entities. If you want to use the crow’s foot notation, you need to configure Visio to show Crow’s Foot notation in a database model diagram

database er diagram crows foot symbol_002.jpg

Menu -> Database ->Options -> Document -> Relationship -> Crow’s Feet (Checked)

By the way, I think, Crow’s Foot notation is the right name for the notation. Crow’s Feet notation is not. Because there is only one crow’s foot in each symbol :-).

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