RSA – How to prepare and import RSA SecurID Software Token by using Token Converter

Question: I’ve installed the RSA SecurID app on my Android phone, but I cannot import the .sdtid token file by clicking on it as an email attachmen or file in SD card in my Android phone (e.g. Samsung Galaxy III, HTC One, Samsung Note II etc, Huawei, ZTE,etc).

Answer: You can import a RSA software token in .sdtid format by simply clicking on the file, but you cannot do that in Android. You need to convert it to a format that Android know how to work with. The following is the steps you need to do that.

Step 1: Download the RSA SecurID Software Token Converter and document ( from

There are three files in the .zip archive:

Step 2: TokenConverter.exe xxxxxxxx.sdtid -android -p password -o rsa.txt

the following URL will be output to rsa.txt


Step 3: Copy and paste this URL into an email to a mailbox, which can open this URL on the andorid phone to import the token

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