Network – E5830 Huawei Wireless Modem Password Reset Howto

Step 1. Power on the device,

Step 2. Press key “WIFI/WPS” and “dial up” buttons at the same time, hold them down for 5 seconds, and then the device will restore to the default settings


Key 5 is the “WIFI” key

Key 6 is the “dial up” key

Step 3: Connect the Huawei E5830 Wireless Modem using a mini-usb cable

Step 4: Install E5830 Wireless Modem driver (from the virual cdrom installed on the PC by E5830 the Huawei modem when you plug it into usb port on the PC)


Step 5: Login to in web browser (username: admin, password admin)

Notes: Default web admin page login for Huawei wireless modems is as the following:

username: admin
password: admin


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